Standard Social Job Ad Setup

Whether you are posting jobs on Monster – or somewhere else, we make it easy to promote them on Facebook, Instagram and Monster’s Distribution Network.

Click on your posting method in the tabs below to learn how you can get your jobs in front of the right candidates with Monster Social Job Ads.

Posting a New Job on Monster

When you post a job on Monster, the Posting Options page is where you can select to create a Social Job Ad. In the Job Posting Enhancements section, Monster Social Job Ads will be auto-checked when you post a job through your account.

When your posting is complete, your Monster Social Job Ad inventory will automatically be applied to that job. Feel free to uncheck the box if you do not want this job to be a Social Job Ad.

Editing a Job on Monster

1. Go to My Jobs in the top navigation.


2. Click Edit under the job posting you want to update.

Modify job details as needed but continue to the Posting Options Page.

4. Check the box for Monster Social Ads.

5. Click Apply Changes to ensure the edit is saved and updated to site.

Don’t want Social Job Ads to be set as default?

1. Log in to your Monster account, click the gear icon in the top navigation and select Account Settings.

2. Choose the Account Preferences menu and scroll down to Page Display. Change your default preferences to Never.

3. Then, click Save at the bottom of the page to lock in your selection.


Social Job Ads can be added during post, edit or renew flows, but they cannot be removed once the job is posted. Also, confidential jobs will not be able to be converted into a social job ads.