Premium Job Ads

Take your job ad to the next level with Premium Job Ads. Post once and reach passive and active candidates, wherever they’re likely to engage online. Monster will automatically promote your job ad on Facebook, Instagram and Monster’s Distribution Network; simplifying outreach and optimizing job performance.

Premium Job Ad Highlights

  • Automated: Just post on Monster, your career site, or ATS – and we’ll take it from there, creating ads and distributing them online.

  • Targeted: Your job ad will be visible on Monster, social media platforms and in Monster’s vast network of sites. Top candidates will be targeted based on their location and relevant interests.

  • Efficient: Putting your job ad in front of more top talent will give you a better pool of candidates to choose from and help you fill roles faster. And don’t forget about the brand exposure you’ll receive.

Due to the automated nature of Premium Job Ads,
you won’t need to provide final approvals or messaging direction.

The text is pulled directly from your job posting, and any images or videos you provide will be selected at random. If you’d like to have more creative control, we recommend Monster’s Custom Social Job Ad solution.

Key Elements

Post your job description on Monster. We offer different methods of posting your job ad:

  • Manually – Use your login details you created when you signed up for an account, or you received via email. Our posting tool is easy to use and in a few clicks your job ad will be posted on Monster. Review our how-to manuals here if needed.
  • ATS – Send your job ad to Monster via your recruiting tool. If it is not already setup, reach out to our customer service team and they will help you connect your system with Monster.
  • Your career site – If you have job wrapping in place, Monster will pick up your job ad from your site and post it for you.

Make sure to optimize your job ad for better exposure on Monster.
Check our articles to learn how to write a 5-Star Job Ad and follow our Best Practices and Job Ad Checklist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Job Ads bundle three elements into one product. Your job ad will be posted on Monster and automatically promoted on social sites (Facebook and Instagram) and Monster’s Distribution Network.

When it comes to social distribution, text is pulled from your job posting and paired with images you provide. When promoting on Monster’s network of external sites, your company name, job title and location will be included in the ad, as well as your logo if space allows.

No, approvals are not needed. Text is pulled directly from your job posting and matched up with the images you provide to us. This allows the distribution to be seamless and automated, saving you time.

When a job seeker clicks on an external banner or social media post, they are taken directly to your job posting on Monster where they can choose to learn more and apply.