Monster Audience Network

Ready to attract top talent with multi-channel, targeted campaigns?

Monster Audience Network (MAN) strategically places display ads throughout our vast network of sites to quickly expand your reach to active and passive candidates.

Monster Audience Network Premium takes a next-level approach using search engine marketing to complement your display ads and drive traffic to your jobs, employer brand message, career site, hiring events, and more.

Launching your campaign is easy!

  • Ads are deployed using your own creative assets (images/text/logo), or you can use our ad templates and just provide us with your text and logo.
  • Let us know your desired start and end dates, target locations, and desired job categories/skillsets and we will take care of the rest.

Your dedicated Media Program Manager handles everything from implementation, to optimization, to reporting as it runs.


Here’s what we’ll need:

  • Flight Dates
    When do you want to activate your Monster Audience Network? As soon as possible, or a specific date?

  • Landing Page URL
    Where should candidates be directed? To a Monster Job Ad or your career site?

  • Targeting
    Do you have any preferences for the customized targeting?

    • Location (country, state, DMA)
    • Job Categories
    • Skillsets
    • Diversity (broadly targeting people who are actively seeking diverse employers)
  • Banner Text

    Provide text to entice viewers to click and learn more. We ask for a variety of options to accommodate different ad sizes and formats.

    Please adhere to character limits outlined below, and provide unique text for each element to avoid redundancy. Company names or trademarked phrases should not be used as they may impact delivery of your ad.

    • Short Headline (1 version required, 5 versions max) – max. 30 characters (including spaces), no special characters.

      • Account Manager Opening
      • Become our new Account Manager
      • Career Fair Sat. Aug. 28th
    • Long Headline (1 version required) – max. 90 characters (including spaces), no special characters.

      • Apply today to become our new Account Manager in Boston.
      • Account Manager interviews onsite. Career Fair Aug. 28th, 100 Main St., Boston MA 2-5pm.
    • Descriptions (1 required, 5 versions max) – max. 90 characters (including spaces), no special characters/exclamation marks.

      • We are looking for an Account Manager in Boston. Register to attend our Career Fair 8/28.
      • Ready to make a career move? Join our team of award winning Account Managers in Boston.

    If you need assistance, Media Program Managers can help write your ad copy (with your approval, of course). We’ll just need a little information to get started. Reach out and we’ll talk!

  • Image(s)
    You can use your own set of images, or leverage Monster’s image bank. We recommend using a variety of images as it improves the performance.

    Minimum 1200×628 px, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif

    • Use high quality images – avoid blurry, skewed, upside-down, unclear or images with borders
    • Use images that fit the campaign – avoid images that can be confused with a product advertisement
    • No overlaid logos – don’t overlay a logo on top of the image, as this can be repetitive in certain ad layouts
    • No text – the message may become repetitive if overlaid text is too similar to the headline, or the text can be too small to read in certain ad sizes.


  • Logo
    Your logo will be included in some of the ad layouts.
    100×100 pixels (min size) – 1999 x 1999 pixels (max size) .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif

Add Search Engine Marketing with Monster Audience Network Premium

  • Reach out to your Media Program Manager for details. Here’s what you’ll need to provide:

    • 3 headlines (30 characters max)
    • 2 -4 search descriptions (90 characters max)
    • Business Name (25 characters max)
    • Final Destination URL
    • Tracking URL (if using standard tags)

Scheduling Your Campaign

When we have received all information and creative assets, your dedicated Media Program Manager will launch your MAN ads, and screenshots will be provided as confirmation once they are live. Your Media Program Manager remains your dedicated partner throughout the duration of the campaign, optimizing for performance as it runs, and providing regular performance reporting to outline delivered impressions, clicks, and click through rate (CTR).

Impressions – An impression is counted each time the ad is served
Clicks – When someone clicks on the ad
Click Through Rate – A ratio showing how often people who see the ad end up clicking it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Please provide a list of your competitors by company name, and we can apply that targeting criteria to your campaign.

That’s ok! Monster has templates you can use to spread the word about your opportunities and recruiting events. Just let us know and we can set that up for you – all we will need is your logo and text.

You can link directly to your job ad, career site, or hiring event registration page. Whatever you’re promoting, just make sure the landing experience is very clear on what you want the visitor to do. Direct them to Apply Now, View All Jobs, Register – invite them to take action.