Texting Best Practices and Samples

Texting candidates gives you the opportunity to connect in a format that’s hard to miss. Why not put it to the test?

You might be a texting pro in your personal life, but when it comes to texting for recruiting purposes, we have a few tips you might want to keep in mind. Take a look and then make sure to view our sample text messages below to help you engage candidates through every stage of the hiring process.

  • Make it personal

    Always include the candidate’s first name in the text, and your name and company.

  • Consider your tone

    Your text messages don’t have to be super formal, but follow you company’s established tone of voice when texting for consistency.

  • Be brief

    Texting is not the format for pasting the entire job description or your company story. Shoot for 150 characters and link to more info like the job ad, career site, directions, etc.

  • Be responsive

    When a candidate texts you back, make sure to respond quickly. Waiting days for a reply will only frustrate them. If you don’t have the time to respond fully, tell them you’ll get back to them soon.

  • Keep acronyms at bay

    We all love them, but when you text a candidate about a job, clarity is key. Try to stay away from acronyms that could cause confusion. Your candidates will TY!

Sample Text Messages

New Candidates:

Hi [First Name], we’re hiring a [Job Title] for our office in [Location]. Interested? See all the details: [Link] 

[First Name], we have a job that seems like a great match for you. Check it out! [Link]  Can we talk this week?

Hello [First Name], we have an urgent need for a [Job Title]. Do you have time for a brief call today or tomorrow? Details: [Link] 

[First Name], we’re interviewing for a [Job Title] on [Date @ Time]. Your skills seem like a good fit. Care to learn more?

[First Name], I noticed you’re well versed in [Skill/Concentration] and I have a wonderful opportunity you might be interested in. View the job details and let me know what you think. [Link] 

Quick question [First Name] – I have an opportunity for a [Job Title] at [Company Name]. If you, or anyone in your network would be interested, could you let me know? [Link] 

Previous Candidates:

Hi [First Name], still thinking about working for [Company Name]? Current openings: [Link]. Happy to tell you more!

I just wanted to keep you in the loop with some new job openings, [First Name]. I’d love to get you in here! Check out this one [Link]

Quick update, [First Name]. Another [Job Title] position just opened up. This might be your “in” so let me know if you want to be considered: [Link]